Helwan University (under the Presidency of M. Paul Antaki -2003-2005)
A computerized room was equipped for blind student: Purchasing of computers, software and specialized Braille printer, as well as Air Conditioned equipment.
Cost: EGP 100,000
The inauguration was held in 2008 in presence of the University Dean Dr Hatem El Bolok.

Ahmad Maher Hospital- Le Caire (under the Presidency of Mrs Mona Francis- 2005-2006)
Reshuffling of the intensive care unit of the hospital: painting, flooring, curtains between beds, uniforms for the personal, test effort equipment and various spare parts for the cardiologist monitors and equipment. On January 27th, 2008, a commemorative board was inaugurated by Mrs Julia Clark, Coordinator of the Rotary Foundation Humanitarian Grants, Dr Fares Nabil, hospital Manager and the Club members. Matching grant with CIP France-Egypt (Inter countries committee).
Cost: EGP 160,000

Young Diabetics Association (under the Presidency of M, Samer El Lackany- 2006-2007)
Organization and participation to an auction sale at the Moubarak Library in Zamalek (Cairo) in order to promote and help this Association.

Ramadan: Distribution of blankets and meals.

Mounira Hospital (under the Presidency of Raouf Mahry- 2007-2008)
Supply of assisted ventilation equipment for the pre-matured child department. In order to raise the finance for this project, RC Le Caire-Champollion had organized on November 25th, 2007 a public musical and poetry recital "Ambre et Lumiere" at the Cairo Opera, performed by Mona Ghatass, Lebanese poet as well as Paul Antaki, former President of our Club.
Cost: EGP 100,000

Orphan day: Participation up to EGP 5,000 in buying equipment for the orphan center.

Wheel chairs: In cooperation with the "Wheelchair Foundation", distribution of 25 wheeling chairs to handicapped persons who could not afford it financially.
Cost: EGP 3,825

Egyptian Association to help young diabetics
This was a common project between our Club and the Belgium Kiwanis service Club. Our Club is helping the Association since its inception in 2005 and initiated a project together with the Belgium Kiwanis under the leadership of the Villers- La -Ville Kiwanis Club. Kiwanis shares the same values than the Rotary and provide assistance to the children.

A Gala Event was organized in the Belgium Embassy Residence in Cairo, on November 4th, 2007 in order to rise the funding. Several personalities attended this event: S.E. Mr Daniel Leroy, Ambassador of Belgium in Cairo, Mr Farid Gebran, Rotary District 2450 Governor for the year 2007-2008, Mr Vincent Sallembier, Past Governor of the Kiwanis District Belgium-Luxemburg, Mr Patrice Legeay, President of the Kiwanis Club of Villers-La-Ville, Mr Raouf Mahry, President 2007-2008 of RC Le Caire-Champollion.
Amount rose: €5,500

Ramadan Action
RC Le Caire-Champollion has supplied bags with primary food to a 100 families in need.
Cost: EGP 3,500