Projects 2018 - 2019

The Rotary project for the year 2018-2019 is the development of Akhmim Traditional Textile Weaving and Embroidery.

A heritage maintained from generation to generation and a main source of income to Akhmim Village families.

Leprosy Village
An avant-premiere projection of the film Yommedine was organized by the Rotary Club Le Caire Champollion for the benefit of the LeprosyVillage.
An avant-premiere projection of the film Yommedine was organized by the Rotary Club Cairo Champollion on Tuesday 25 of September at Cinema Galaxy Manial. This private session was reserved for Rotarians and businessmen and the attendees reached 400. It was a very successful evening, appreciated by all the audience. A short documentary on the Rotary activities and objectives was projected before the film.

The president of the Rotary Champollion, Mr. Francois Bouabjian, thanked Mr. Gaby Khoury for his enormous generosity as all the revenues of the evening were for the Rotary charity projects, mainly the Leprosy Village. The main actor of the film, having recovered from Leprosy himself, interpreted his role genuinely touching deeply the hearts of the audience. The Nubian boy who accompanied him was equally amazing, despite his young age and having to face the camera for the first time. A real star.

Seti Center - Caritas

Providing the full equipment for SETI Center (Caritas) to create a Vocational Training Kitchen and Laundry.

The main purpose of the educational kitchen and laundry is to be used for training the youth with special needs to be able to work on specific tasks so that they can qualify for finding jobs in hotels, supermarkets, laundries and restaurants and support themselves.

It can also serve as well to train younger adults to become more autonomous in their daily life by training on specific tasks. SETI Center, being specialized in training kids and youths with special needs has a wide experience in early intervention for kids with special needs, as well as vocational rehabilitation and employment preparation for young adults among an inclusive portfolio of services for the entire family.